This papersheet can protect you from any virus found in your drinking water

Researchers have found a new way to filter bad bacterias and virus from drinking water. In many third world countries, diseases and sickness from drinking contaminated or unfiltered water is still very common till today. We all know this problem is also still prevalent in Western nations like USA and other European countries.

This revolutionary invention by scientists can filter viruses from any raw water and its on its way to save millions of people from water borne diseases if it starts implementing all over the world. So, this technology consists of layers of super fine nanofibers made from green algae, which prevent viruses and parasites from passing.

Thousands of people from across the world dies every year due to drinking or consumption of unsafe water. Also, a recent survey shows that approximately 690+ million people are without safe drinking water.

There are many water purification system and technology available today, however some are costly and so therefore is not readily available and not affordable for many families and households, especially in third world countries like Africa and India.

Albert Mihranyan, one of the lead researchers for this miracle breakthrough said “With a filter material directly from nature, and by using simple production methods, we believe that our filter paper can become the affordable global water filtration solution and help save lives”, followed by “Our goal is to develop a filter paper that can remove even the toughest viruses from water as easily as brewing coffee.”

The team of scientists behind this technology are making sure this sheet of paper is affordable by many and they have started working on checking the lifespan of the sheet so that users know when to throw them away.

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